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About the Conference

The Michigan Immigrant Youth Conference is focused on providing a safe and meaningful platform for immigrant youth to share their stories, speak out on important issues, and develop advocacy and leadership skills.
We are committed to creating a space for youth to come together to learn, network, and support each other in the shared struggle for justice. 
At the Michigan Immigrant Youth Conference, we empower young immigrants to pursue their dreams and reach their goals.
Our conference focuses on providing our attendees with the tools and resources to gain knowledge, build relationships, and practice self-care.
We are committed to creating a safe space for youth to develop their leadership skills and create meaningful connections.
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The Michigan Immigrant Youth Conference will celebrate and honor the contributions of immigrant youth to Michigan and the United States.

It is an opportunity to recognize and respect the unique experience of an immigrant youth and to empower them with the tools they need to succeed.

Through keynote speakers, workshops, and interactive activities, the conference will provide attendees with the resources and motivation to become successful leaders in their communities.

What to Expect

The conference will provide a safe space to educate, inspire and connect immigrant youth with resources and opportunities to learn about ways to thrive. 

Our goal is to cast a vision for young people to learn how they can be active participants in making positive change in their lives and communities.


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Church World Service Logo. They are based in Elkhart, Indiana but have offices across the US and the world. They have partners in every state, including Michigan.
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Grisham Bista

"I believe that the Hope Michigan Immigrant Youth Conference is needed because it’s time we start listening to young people"
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